Know your purpose. Live your life.

What’s your purpose?

This seems like a profound question and I agree - it is. In fact until we can answer it, life and the choices it presents, can seem difficult and even somewhat directionless and unfulfilling. The answer therefore has far-reaching consequences. Knowing your purpose will ensure you have the best life you can have.




Many people are familiar with the concept of coaching in certain situations, such as, in sports for athletes.  Coaching has also been used for many years in business and personal development. The aim of coaching is, for those being coached, to be the best that they can be in their chosen sport, career or life in more



Training Workshops

Purposeful-Living Days - Establish your cornerstone for life!

This full-day event, for a maximum of 20 delegates, is aimed at those wanting to spend a structured time to  start to discover their unique purpose in life.  Establish what makes up your 'cornerstone' for living the life you were designed for and  just as importantly,  leave with practical steps to apply this to the life you are living now.  This event is designed for those in, or between, established careers and aims to provide an opportunity for reflection on your particular strengths and how you will use them for your future.

As well as understanding your purpose, you will begin to get clarity on the other aspects of your cornerstone, including your unique values, beliefs, mission and vision. Guided preparation will be needed to participate fully in this innovative day to get a lasting return on your investment of time and resources.

A follow up day after 4 weeks is recommended to allow you to draw on your new awareness of purposeful-living and plan more specifically, how your future will look and feel.

Please contact me for the next available spaces on a Purposeful-Living Day and get your cornerstone established to ensure you have a solid foundation for your future.




DSC_0890Health-Coaching Training - STOPIT.DOIT.® -  Coaching for health and life

Spear-headed in the UK by the London Deanery, coaching for health is now championed in the NHS to support patients to make healthier choices and self-manage their long-term conditions. I have developed this concept, as a necessity, within my own work as a community pain specialist and GP over the last decade and I’m pleased to train others. Health Coaching is now very much part of ‘care planning’ in General Practice and also underpins the new contract for the dental profession.

STOPIT.DOIT. ® - Coaching © 2014 is my own unique model for health-coaching in consultations and gives an easy-to -recall framework for health-professionals to work with, in collaboration with their patients.  It has also been developed further to allow motivated patients to self-coach by asking themselves the right questions, ensuring sustained behaviour change.  The approach is suitable to all members of a multi-disciplinary team, including administrative staff.

Don't 'Just' STOPIT.DOIT book to accompany the model is now available from the link below.  Alternatively, Waterstones in Sheffield City centre has copies in stock if you're local.  It can also be ordered from any high street or online book shop. An ebook format is availabe.

Please contact me if you or your organisation would like to receive training in the effective use of this unique health-coaching model.



Skills for Life Training

(half day or full day packages available)

Based on training in NLP to master practitioner level, I have extensive experience in delivering presentations and facilitating workshops in

  • Communication Skills (using NLP)
  • Behaviour Change
  • Conflict Resolution (using my own De.F.U.S.E.D. model)

To date, I have delivered training to numerous audiences including GPs, Dentists, Reception Staff and Medical Trainees at both post graduate and under-graduate level.

Please contact me if you or your organisation would like to receive training in any of these popular workshops.




final photoMedical Experience

Having graduated from Sheffield Medical School in 1996, I went on to train as a GP. I passed the MRCGP examination in 2000 and gained additional expertise in chronic pain management, at the Northern General Hospital,  where I remained as a part time clinical assistant for over 5 years.  I went  on to be the GP clinical lead for a community-based pain service in Sheffield until  2010. I am passionate about promoting best-practice in pain management, presenting to numerous audiences on communication skills and pain management and often both together. I have gained recognition nationally as a Community Pain Specialist and have contributed significantly to the Pain Management Diploma for Cardiff University.

All the while I have continued in General Practice, initially undertaking a  salaried GP role before accepting a partnership at Sothall and Beighton Medical centre in 2004. I remain here and continue to enjoy being part of a dynamic and  supportive primary health care team.


Coaching Experience

Alongside my GP work, I have trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming  (NLP), achieving Master Practitioner level in 2008. In addition to the Coaching training provided by the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery, I have achieved a Diploma in Life Coaching from Achievement Specialists.  As a result  I am an Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC) with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentioring (IIC&M). Having undertaken addiional in-depth training, I now work as a Time to Think Coach and Transforming Meetings Facilitator.

 I incorporate a significant amount of coaching skills  into my GP work and have developed this further to produce my own health coaching model and accompanying book, 'Don't 'Just' STOPIT.DOIT'. My private clients have been coached successfully on a wide range of issues including work-life balance, career progression and change management. I am committed to my clients achieving their full potential by providing a coaching relationship and space conducive to thinking clearly for themselves.

I am happily married with 3 energetic young children and a mischievous dog. I enjoy being an active member, both of our local community  and church and endure running to keep fit.  Having acquired a small woodland, the family and I appreciate the outdoor life.


Name of qualification Institution Date Received
Life Coaching Diploma (IIC Accredited) Achievement Specialists April 2013
Coaching Course Yorkshire and Humber Deanery May 2013
NLP Master practitioner Acuity Dr October 2008
MRCGP (merit) Royal College of General Practitioners 2001
MB ChB Sheffield University 1996


My fees reflect my qualifications and experience as a coach and a GP and represent extremely good value compared to other providers. However, if your financial situation is a genuine challenge, then reduced fees could be negotiated on an individual basis.


Tim helped me through a transition period during my time as a foundation doctor when I was having doubts about my future career in medicine. Together we worked to identify some of the barriers I had encountered during my time as a medical student and doctor which were hampering my career satisfaction. Tim helped me develop the skills to remove these barriers, allowing me to reconsider and step back towards a career in medicine. Tim was able to challenge my thoughts and beliefs in a way I had not envisaged alone, realigning my perspective for the better. Regular goal setting ensured progression and each session was focused towards specific targets. I am very grateful for Tim’s support and guidance during a difficult phase of my career.

Joel, Foundation Year Doctor.


Tim has been a powerful enabler.  I feel that I manage decisions better, and have tools to draw on to do so.
I would recommend Tim and his coaching skills to anyone looking for support to unlock barriers, develop self-confidence or explore future aspirations!

Lee, General Practitioner.


I was very sceptical about coaching. Having failed at three consultant interviews despite attending all the right courses I had to try something different. Coaching was it. Coaching from Tim was instrumental in helping me discover why I had not been successful before. I changed my entire approach to the interview because of the coaching. The next time I was successful, and now I am a consultant at my ideal hospital.

Tim changed my mind about coaching so much that I approached Tim for more coaching on other areas now I am in post. I am confident that Tim is the best person to be my coach and that we will get to the best solution in the end.

Duncan, Consultant Anaesthetist.


'Tim coached me towards a complete change in career.  I never really thought I would get there, but I found his approach to be utterly inspiring and I am sure that it is down to him that I now have an excellent new job in a competitive field (although, of course he would say that it is entirely down to me!).  If you are looking for someone to help guide you to exactly where you want to be in life, it is absolutely worth investing in Tim to get you there.  He will not give up until you have reached your goal, no matter how impossible it seems before you start out on your new path!'

Charlotte Norman, Senior Designer Zeta Agency


"Tim's coaching put the wheels in motion for me to change my life for the better. He helped me believe that I could be the person I wanted to be and he had me put into action the steps I needed to take to get there. I went from being unsatisfied with work and life to furthering my professional development, making top contacts in my field, one of which has offered me what I thought was my dream job until an even better professional opportunity came along, which I took. I would recommend Tim to absolutely anyone looking to change their life, professional or otherwise, for the better. There really isn't a price you can put on his services, I got what I expected and more and what's best is I learnt how to work for myself to achieve it. They are lessons I still carry with me a year on. Thank you immensely, Tim."

Nadine Ataya, Founder and CEO, Human Resources, YouTube Partner, EU Nationality


 'As a leader of a large team, I needed a safe place to think things through, with regards to strategy and planning change....Tim helped me to take a less personal and better planned approach to introducing necessary change, by talking ideas through and reflecting back points to consider.  One year on, I am no longer considering leaving my post and am enjoying developing the practice...and feeling more resilient.  Thank you Tim!'


Dom, General Practitioner.


"I initially came to Tim for coaching with a healthy dose of scepticism. As a psychiatrist, we're regularly involved in reflective practice, psychotherapies and psychological work, so I had thought I'd already been there and done that with work like coaching.
That very rapidly dissipated when I met Tim, who came across as enthusiastic, flexible and very much in his comfort zone when coaching. We quickly recognised that my work life was actually fine, and it most of the areas I wanted to improve were outside of work. Within one session Tim and I started exploring areas, concepts and ideas for improving areas that no one in my whole career had looked at before. We discovered what I actually wanted in life, what I wanted to change and how to go about without it feeling like so much of a struggle. Something so simple as sleep, a problem for years and years, has finally been addressed, amongst other areas of life.
Whilst there is still work to be done, the coaching with Tim has allowed me to more accurately assess myself and see what I want to change and how to change it. I cannot recommend coaching with Tim enough, no matter how sceptical you are."

Zead, Psychiatrist Trainee.


Tim patiently listened to the struggles I had. He challenged my thinking where appropriate. He skillfully enabled me to consider how I may find solutions to my own problems, and set me off on a path of continuing to do the same. Tim is an excellent listener, sensitive, gifted and perceptive.

Ben, GP Trainee.


I approached Tim to help with my career plan and related work-life balance issues.  Coaching is not an avenue I had considered and it is not the sort of thing I would have previously been open to.  I found the sessions to be of huge value and extremely illuminating.  Tim’s calm yet enthusiastic demeanour put me at ease and he enabled me to have far better understanding of my current work position and also of my values and life goals.  The sessions and ancillary work challenged me to think about issues in a way that would not have been possible on my own and I now have the confidence to address limiting factors with my work-life balance. 

John, Accountant.


Tim was instrumental in helping me find confidence to set up my own Practice after having always worked before for organisations. It was so useful at the time to know I had someone on my side to help me make decisions about how I was going to approach my new life. He helped me to find my own solutions and gave me ideas when I needed them. It was very affirming and made me feel really positive and excited about what felt like a brave step for me. He used a guiding style that worked at my pace but kept us goal-focussed. It worked really well for me. Three years on I have a thriving Practice and I still value the input he gave.

Verna Morris, Therapy Services


Thanks so much for being our guest speaker at Sheffield Coaching Exchange on Tuesday.  I found you to be an inspiring and engaging speaker, who got us thinking and also laughing and learning. I was really interested to learn more about STOPIT.DOIT and how you’re using this to great effect with your patients; I hope that other GPs will also be keen to learn your methods. The more patients can feel empowered to take responsibility for their health the better. What I especially loved is the simplicity of your model, and how you’ve set it up so that patients can start to work through it with you but take it away to continue at home.  

As a speaker I enjoyed your well-paced but relaxed, open style. I felt that you were genuinely interested to listen to and get feedback from the range of experienced coaches who were present. A number of people spoke to me after the meeting to say how much they’d enjoyed it. Thanks again, wishing you all the best.

Lisa Read – Leader of Sheffield Coaching Exchange


Feedback from STOPIT.DOIT coaching  training

‘’fantastic, very enjoyable’

‘very informative’

‘definitely something I will use’


‘amazing talk and very helpful’

‘excellent speaker, very useful and transferrable between work/personal life situations’

‘fab – very informative’

‘interesting and entertaining, clear presentation, easy to follow and understand.  Like a light switching on in my head’

‘inspirational, empowering and fun, a good end to a great day’

‘made me aware how I can make changed in myself to help with me being stressed and have a more positive outlook’

‘fantastic – practical way to achieve change.  Motivational speaker and very humorous’

Tim’s relaxed style is perfect for coaching, he made me understand that it should be all about the coachee,

I thought Tim's session was excellent. It was very informative but also easy and simple to understand. I enjoyed the fact that the atmosphere/environment was relaxed and I felt comfortable being able to test the model. There was a good balance between learning and practising.

I found Tim’s coaching model and style very simple and relaxed - it was a light bulb moment for me as I had been getting tangled up in overthinking the models and the questions.






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