As a GP I understand that doctors face some unique challenges both during their training and when they reach consultant positions.

In addition to the necessary coaching experience to achieve my diploma, I have undertaken further training in order to coach doctors for the Yorkshire and Humber Post-Graduate Deanery. The aim of the coaching pilot is to promote excellence and a positive coaching culture in the medical profession. Many of the doctors I have coached have been approaching the end of training and contemplating the challenge of the transition to consultant positions.

My coaching with doctors has seen them develop a sustainable work-life balance, organisational and time management skills, career options as well as presentation and communication skills. Doctors, like the rest of us are uniquely gifted and the coaching process allows proper focus to be placed on these innate strengths, to ensure doctors become the best doctors, leaders and managers they can be.

I have been successful in joining the national network of coaches set up by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management to provide coaching for their members.


Please contact me if you would like to benefit from coaching.  Coaching can be face to face, or via Skype or telephone.