What’s your purpose?

This seems like a profound question and I agree – it is. In fact until we can answer it, life and the choices it presents, can seem difficult and even somewhat haphazard and unfulfilling. The answer therefore has far-reaching consequences. Knowing your purpose will ensure you have the best life you can have.

If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t know what my purpose is’, that’s ok, you have time!

If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t have a purpose’, then we are not in agreement and it is possible that you are denying yourself and the world your unique talents and contribution.


How do I discover my purpose?

To know your purpose, you need to first accept that you are unique – a one off! There is no one in this world with exactly the same genes, no one with the same qualities or abilities and no one with your perspective on life and what it’s about. Once you grasp this, you can stop comparing yourself to others and begin to discover what sets you apart.

If you knew that you have a unique purpose for your life, both personal and professional, what new ways of thinking would you bring to your current situation?

Excellent coaching allows you time and space to consider these big questions, the answers to which will inform the blue print for your life as well as the smaller decisions we are called to make on a daily basis.


Navigate easily through life

Satellite navigation can be brilliant,  but you need to know you starting point and your destination before it can make it's valuable contribution to the journey. Some people are stuck in the past; others are wrapped up in the future. You need to start from where you are. Before reading on, take some time to consider where you are in life, right now. In particular…

What’s good? What do you want more of?

What’s not so good? What do you want less of?

Importantly, by knowing your purpose, you will have the right destination in mind. You’ll be more aware of the many opportunities to get you there and you can enjoy the ‘scenery’ on the way. Contrast this with having to stop to resort to looking at complicated maps ( using the driving metaphor)  or taking ‘advice’ from well-meaning but unhelpful back seat drivers!

To know your purpose, then, is to understand fully your reason for being. Once you understand that, you’ll know the unique contribution you can make in your personal and professional life and to the world around you.   Fulfillment  comes when you start living that out.