Coaching for other professionals, businesses and employees

Coaching in other Professions

It is perhaps not surprising that coaching is more widely known and utilised in other professional spheres and I have had the privilege to use my skills outside the medical world. As a result, a number of my clients have gone on to set up their own successful businesses and others have rapidly progressed their careers in areas as diverse as design and HR. Although my approach is tailored to the individual,  many of us face similar challenges and opportunities.  Coaching seeks to make use of both.

Coaching for Businesses and Employees

In General Practice, I am seeing increasing numbers of patients who feel unable to return to their occupation due to work-related stress. As well as being immensely distressing to the individual, it is also disruptive and hugely costly for the business concerned. In my 14 years of experience it appears that many of the issues presented could have been successfully resolved with a coaching approach for the individual and the wider organisation. Many forward-looking companies are investing in coaching for their staff to increase work place well-being, and job satisfaction. They recognise the benefits for their employees and of course the business itself. Will you be one of them?


Please contact me if you or your organisation would like to benefit from coaching.  Coaching can be face to face, or via Skype or telephone.