What is Coaching?

Many people are familiar with the concept of coaching in certain situations, such as, in sports for athletes.  Coaching has also been used for many years in business and personal development. The aim of coaching is, for those being coached, to be the best that they can be in their chosen sport, career or life in general. Life coaching takes account of all areas of your life on the understanding that achievement in one area will affect all other areas to some extent and it is important to maintain a balance.

My Coaching Approach

Coaching, I believe, is about people realising their full potential and breaking down barriers, including unhelpful beliefs that prevent them from reaching their goals. I achieve this through expert listening, reflection and asking incisive questions as well as using appropriate challenge to clients where needed. My coaching is non-directional and is based on the premise that the client is resourceful and ultimately knows the best course of action for them.

My role is therefore to support the client as they seek to clarify their goals and discern the steps they need to take to get there. Life coaching with me is a dynamic process by which I enable you to focus on your specific future goals and leave the sessions with the tools you need to get there.


Coaching for Doctors

As a GP,  I understand that doctors face some unique challenges both during their training and when they reach consultant positions….read more


Coaching for other professionals and businesses

It is perhaps not surprising that coaching is more widely known and utilised in other professional spheres and I have had the privilege to use my skills outside the medical world. Read more